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Together we can address the needs and opportunities that will solve your business challenges and opportunties!

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Professional certification programs are a widely recognized industry practice used to measure skills and competencies.

  • Do you need to develop a new educational strategy to implement a technology-based curriculum and set of certification exams that identify competent and qualified experts?
  • Do you seek to create and deploy training governance to define how to build classroom, virtual, and/or web-based/eLearning content across the enterprise?
  • Are you interested in building scalability as a result of process to grow and govern new training & exam development and implementation?
  • Do you seek to create and deploy training governance to define how to build eContent across the enterprise?
  • Are you looking for a detail-oriented, articulate, and experienced team player to develop, implement, deliver and assess training curricula and/or e-learning solutions for your organization?
  • Would you like an infusion of creative energy, fueled by entrepreneurial intuition, but tempered by a well-rounded understanding of contemporary adult learning theory?
  • Beverly van de Velde offers you all of this and more. Beverly is an experienced learning & performance technologist with an emphasis in instructional design and performance technologies focused on creating value in [technology-enhanced] course design, development, delivery, support and evaluation targeting audiences of staff, supervisors, executive management, and/or external clients.

    Beverly has a total of 3 years developing valid, reliable, and legally defensible IT/technology certification exams, as well as an additional 8 years experience in training and development, including developing ILT, V-ILT, WBT, and blended modes of training in the United States to adult learners from around the world, including in technology, business settings and educational workshops.

    Please call or email for more information. Our services are custom designed based on organizational needs.

    Solutions and Services:
    • Design and development of valid and reliable IT/technology certification exams
    • Work with management to design the strategic and tactical vision and milestones for a world class training department
    • Curriculum development / instructional design
    • Process analysis and development
    • Offshore program / project management
    • Organizational audits: survey research, needs assessment, problem diagnosis, project lessons learned and     feedback, intervention and follow up
    • Managing multiple projects on time, with high quality, and within budget
    • Research, development, and sometimes deployment of performance technologies, including code judging engines, podcasts, eCommunities, webinars, blogs, mobile learning, and simulations


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